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What Elon Musk said on he wanting to be Apple CEO after selling Tesla – Times of India

July 31, 2021

A new book claims that Tesla CEO Elon Musk asked Apple CEO for his job, when the latter wanted to acquire Tesla in 2016. A claim that Musk has refuted. As per an upcoming book ‘Power Play: Tesla, Elon Musk and the Bet of the Century’ by Wall Street Journal reporter Tim Higgins, Apple CEO had called Musk to propose acquisition of the electric carmaker. This was reportedly ahead of the unveiling of the Model 3 when Tesla is said to be struggling financially. Musk is said to have expressed his interest in the deal but had one condition, he will be the CEO. As per the book, Cook is said to have agreed to this initially thinking that he wants to remain the CEO of Tesla after the merger. But then Cook clarified he wants Cook’s job, is that wants to become Apple CEO. To this, Cook refused and hung up.
Musk has denied the same in a tweet. “Cook & I have never spoken or written to each other ever. There was a point where I requested to meet with Cook to talk about Apple buying Tesla. There were no conditions of acquisition proposed whatsoever. He refused to meet. Tesla was worth about 6% of today’s value,” goes the tweet. In his tweets, Musk has tagged Bloomberg’s Mark Gurman and BBC’s James Clayton.

Apple has also reportedly denied the book’s anecdote and pointed to Cook comments during a recent New York Times podcast. “You know, I’ve never spoken to Elon, although I have great admiration and respect for the company he’s built,” Cook had said.
Musk deletes tweet on Apple
Earlier this year, Musk deleted a tweet that implied Tesla may soon become a bigger company than Apple. Musk said this during a conversation on Twitter about Tesla’s market value. An account called @WholeMarsBlog that often writes about Tesla wrote “Tesla is going to be bigger than Apple,”…. Musk response to the tweet implied that he agreed. “I think there is a >0% chance Tesla could be the biggest company,” Musk tweeted. Musk deleted the tweet shortly after it was posted, however, by then many Twitter users had taken screenshots.

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