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WhatsApp may soon allow users to link two smartphones to their account – Times of India

September 27, 2021

WhatsApp is working on a new multi-device support feature that allows users to use WhatsApp on two smartphones. As reported by WaBetaInfo, the platform that tracks WhatsApp’s upcoming features, the support is currently under development. Once the feature is rolled out, users will finally be able to use WhatsApp on a second mobile device, it says.
At present, the WhatsApp multi-device feature allows one to link a WhatsApp account to 4 devices and 1 phone. Readers must note that the multi-device feature is currently available to beta users only. It is yet to be rolled out to all WhatsApp users.
How will the new feature work?
When a user links a second mobile device to their WhatsApp account for the first time, WhatsApp will sync the chat history. The process will be end-to-end encrypted, WaBetaInfo says in its report.
Next time when a user opens WhatsApp on the second mobile device, WhatsApp will download all messages from the server. This will not require your main phone to be connected to the internet.
The feature, as per the report, is likely to be available for both tablets as well as smartphones. “It’s not yet clear if WhatsApp will reserve this feature only for tablets (WhatsApp for iPad and Android tablets) or mobile phones are included, but there is no evidence that they will exclude mobile phones”, the report states.
When will the feature rollout?
Currently, the feature is under development on WhatsApp beta for iOS. The report says that the Facebook-owned platform is working on it for WhatsApp for Android as well.

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