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Why Elon Musk is talking about the hare and tortoise story – Times of India

September 17, 2021

The Elon Musk-Jeff Bezos rivalry took a rather ‘strange’ turn after a series of tweets. Musk replied to a series of two-month-old Twitter thread earlier today. The thread on Twitter details how Bezos and Musk met for the first time in 2004 and then talks about how the two of the world’s richest men took diverse paths with SpaceX and Blue Origin.
The thread on which Musk replied had linked Blue Origin’s welcome letter where it says, “Be the tortoise and not the hare.” To the thread, Musk replied, “The lesson from “tortoise & hare” is not that tortoises are faster, but rather that hares should not be complacent.”
Musk seems to be repeating the same lesson from the tortoise hare fable that kids learn while growing up. The Tesla CEO seems to be hinting that Blue Origin and Bezos became hares and got rather complacent.
Meanwhile, Amazon recently complained to the FCC in the US that Musk and his companies don’t follow rules. In a letter to FCC, Amazon said, “The approach comes from a playbook familiar to any regulator faced with the unfortunate task of evenhandedly applying its rules to SpaceX: concede nothing, ignore rules wherever possible, and when all else fails, malign those that invoke them.”
Amazon, in the letter, made it clear that Musk-led companies do not believe rules are meant for them. “If there is anything kind to say about SpaceX’s approach, it is that it has been effective in achieving SpaceX’s goal of avoiding both the rules and any sanction for flouting them,” said Amazon.

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