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Why Google CEO Sundar Pichai thinks he needs to improve his surfing skills – Times of India

July 24, 2021

Many of you will be familiar with the dinosaur game which you can play on the Google Chrome browser to kill some time when there is no internet connection. It seems like Google CEO Sundar Pichai had some time to kill too and tried the game where he realised it would take more than a game or two to win the race. He then posted about it on Twitter, with the words: “Might need to work on my surfing skills”. In the image, there is a red surfboard beneath the T-Rex’s feet, which has been added to the game to commemorate the Tokyo Olympics.

In the game, you have to control a T-Rex that starts running the moment you start playing the game. The T-Rex won’t stop and to make a high score, you have to keep it running without hitting any obstacle in the path. The T-Rex can be made to jump over the obstacles but timing is crucial. Even if you are a second late, you risk landing on the object impeding your path, thus ending your progress and the game. The longer the T-Rex keeps running, the higher your score. In the tweet, however, the T-Rex is surfing and there are obstacles in the ocean to contend with. Surfing may be a bit more difficult to deal with in the game compared to running.
With the Tokyo Olympics kicking off, Google has added some tweaks to the dino game. With the Olympic-themed update, the T-Rex can now pick up the Olympic torch and become one of the avatars playing at the Games. It will have to face new obstructions and the challenges of surfing.

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