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Windows 11: 4 biggest design changes it will bring to your PC – Times of India

August 25, 2021

Microsoft piqued the curiosity of PC users by unveiling Windows 11 earlier this year. This will be the first major update for Windows in six years. While the new OS hasn’t rolled out to the general public, it has been available in beta version, giving users an idea what to expect. Some of the biggest changes that Windows 11 will bring are related to design. Out of all the biggest changes, here are the four that have caught our eyes:

A redesigned Start button

The Start button has been around for more than two decades in Windows. In what might be the most notable change of the new OS, ‘Start’ is now anchored in the centre. Microsoft says it has been done to keep it simple and make it more like a smartphone experience. It maintains a consistent look and feel across different form factors like tablets and second screens.

New look to Settings

With Windows 11, Settings now has a consistent navigation system on the left-hand side of the window. The categories remain familiar but are now present on every single page in Settings. Microsoft has also improved the page layout by introducing “progressive disclosure,” which allows advanced settings to remain hidden until you want to look at them. This lets people truly own and make Windows the way they want.

A faster Taskbar

With Windows 11, Taskbar has also been redesigned for efficiency and usability. Informed by user feedback, Microsoft claims to have streamlined context menus to deliver a unified experience so that people can get where they need to go faster.

Search gets better with Windows 11

The Search feature has been simplified by Microsoft in Windows 11. The search pane has been relocated to the top of the menu, allowing people to see an instant flow of results as they type.

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