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Windows 11: Microsoft has set a deadline for this accessory in laptops with Windows 11 – Times of India

June 26, 2021

Every new operating system makes certain hardware mandatory. Microsoft’s latest OS for desktops and laptops Windows 11 is no different. Microsoft has announced the minimum hardware requirement for it. However, other than RAM, CPU and the usual display requirements, there will reportedly be one more that of webcam. According to a report in Windows Central, the tech giant is making webcam mandatory for laptops with Windows 11.
Starting January 1, 2023, all laptops running Windows 11 should have a webcam. Also, the company has set certain requirements for these cameras:

  • Have a resolution of High-Definition (HD) or better

This condition is going to be put as part of the minimum system requirements, so that users are not able to wiggle out of it, it seems.
The reason why Microsoft is doing this is probably its facial recognition technology that offers enhanced security for Windows devices. Windows Hello is a more personal and secure way for users to get instant access to their Windows devices using a PIN, facial recognition, or fingerprint.
All in all, it’s a big move towards enhanced security but it could receive mixed responses. As some users may argue that the company is forcing them to use a webcam with the new OS while some may be okay with the new feature, believing that this would help enhance the security of their machine.
Now, for Windows 11, you can’t make do with a laptop without a webcam and have to go for ones that come with webcams with HD quality or better. There is still one year before the rule comes into effect so decide which type of consumer you want to be.

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