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Windows 11: Microsoft to improve multi-monitor capability in the OS with Windows 11: Report – Times of India

June 24, 2021

Microsoft’s latest Windows OS, Windows 11, is all set to improve using multiple monitors/displays on the OS, says a report by Windows Latest. Windows 10 has not been able to flawlessly execute the operation and many a time, it leads to misplacement of open tabs or programs on the display. Reports of all the tabs appearing on a single display only after the device goes to sleep also surfaced. These have reportedly been caused by Rapid Hot Plug Detect (Rapid HPD) that interferes with the arrangement of the tabs on the display.
These glitches impede the ability of Windows 10 to execute the multi-display feature properly. It is set to change with Windows 11, claims the report.
The report says that Windows 11 will remember windows locations based on monitor connection. The claim is based upon information gleaned from the leaked build of the upcoming OS. There will be new display controls this time and the issue will be hopefully fixed.
Another optional feature that minimises your windows when the secondary monitor is disconnected could also be added. Also, there could be a new snapping feature in store that will offer six layouts as per the screen resolution. Users would be able to run apps side by side, have three or four apps in split-screen mode, says the report.

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