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World social media day: ‘Most-popular’ Android and iOS social media apps – Times of India

June 30, 2021

It is world social media day today and the day is marked to highlight the importance of the day in our everyday lives now. It is difficult to imagine a day without the presence of these apps in our lives and how basic and essential they have become for everyone.
While there are a lot of social media platforms out there, there are only a handful that are of most importance to people.
In the first half of 2020, out of the top 10 most downloaded apps in the world, the top three are social media apps, as per the latest report by Sensor Tower. Not only that, out of the ten most downloaded apps list five are social media apps.
Here’s a look at the most popular social media apps of 2021 across Android and iOS apps:
ByteDance-owned app TikTok is the most downloaded app worldwide. It was banned in India for a year, but it is still a popular app globally. When broken down between Android and iOS users, it is the most downloaded app among iOS users, it is the second highest downloaded app among Android users.
Social networking giant Facebook’s primary app is the second-most downloaded app overall. Among Android users, it is the most-popular app in 2021 so far and among iPhone users, it is the sixth most popular app.
Facebook-owned photo sharing app Instagram is the third most downloaded app by smartphone users in 2021. It ranks at number 3 on both Apple Store and on Google Play Store.
Facebook’s dedicated messaging app — Messenger also finds itself on the list of most popular apps of 2021. It ranks at number 7 on Apple App Store’s list and at number 6 in Google Play Store listing.
Ephemeral messaging app Snapchat is also on the list. It is the eighth-most popular app overall. The app ranks at No. 7 on Google Play Store. It is not among the top 10 apps on the Apple App Store listing.

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