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xbox game pass: Marvel’s Avengers is ‘assembling’ with superheroes on Xbox Game Pass – Times of India

September 29, 2021

Marvel’s Avengers is coming to Xbox Game Pass this week. The superhero action game will be added to Xbox Game Pass on September 30 and will be available across PC, console, and cloud. The game will bring all of its updates and DLCs with it to Xbox, including Black Panther: War for Wakanda expansion, its biggest content drop yet.
In addition to War for Wakanda, Xbox Game Pass subscribers will get all the nine heroes, the Reassemble Campaign, Operation: Taking AIM, Operation: Future Imperfect and the Avengers Initiative.
Bringing Avengers to Xbox Game Pass could prove to be a sound move as the subscribers pay for a lot of games at once and it could work in the favour of Marvel’s Avengers as people would be more prone to play it, rather than spend their money on a single title. The game has not reached the level of popularity the publisher intended it to have, receiving mixed reviews. But Square Enix is not giving up on “Earth’s Mightiest Heroes’ ‘ and keeps on bringing new game content to the game in a phased manner, much like how Marvel planned out the different phases of the MCU and had one movie after another lined up for release. Adding Marvel’s Avengers to the Xbox Game Pass roster is yet another attempt by Square Enix to get more players interested in the game.
Writer Brian Michael Bendis sent strong ripples of change within the Marvel Universe with his ‘Avengers Disassembled’ story arc which shook up the Marvel comics continuity with some major deaths in Avengers and making the X-Men an ‘Endangered Species’ by ‘decimating’ them with the events in ‘House of M’. While it worked mostly for the Avengers in the comic books as they saw their worst day in Disassembled, something which few anticipated, here’s hoping the game gets a new lease of life with the Xbox Game Pass inclusion too.

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