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Your current PC won’t support Windows 11 if it does not meet these requirements – Times of India

June 25, 2021

Microsoft has finally unveiled the Windows 11 operating system. The company has revealed all the new features, UI changes and updates the operating system will bring to the existing and new Windows-based laptops and desktops. To be able to run Windows 11 or update to Windows 11, the system must meet the minimum system requirements.
The important part to note here is apart from basic hardware requirements, Windows 11 will also need some software and feature requirements as well.
Windows 11 Minimum System Requirements
Processor: 1GHz 64-bit dual-core processor
Storage: 64GB
Display: 9-inch display with at least 1366 by 768 pixels resolution
UEFI support
Secure Boot and TPM 2.0 support
DirectX 12 compatible graphics or WWDM 2.x
So, these are some basic requirements to run Windows 11 on your laptop or desktop. Windows 11 now only supports 64-bit processors and there will not be a 32-bit version. However, the 32-bit apps and software will continue working just fine.
Another important thing is that now, Windows 11 requires at least a 9-inch display size, unlike Windows 7’s 7-inch. Microsoft has also increased other requirements in Windows 11 as well. Comparing it with Windows 10, the latest version of Windows requires almost double the RAM and storage space to run correctly.

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